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  • Risk is real: resources are finite.
  • For the directors and managers of any organisation, delivering their product or service while attempting to cope with the never-ending flood of legislation and codes of practice can be a major headache.
  • Organisations of all kinds are subject to increasingly stringent health, safety and environmental legislation, to say nothing of employment law and the ever-present threat of the Employment Tribunal.
  • Equally, all organisations face the same range of non-legislative threats to their well-being: these include asset loss or damage, business interruption, and natural or man-made disasters. Any of these can have a significant effect on the financial and other performance of the organisation including – very importantly – on insurance costs.
  • While some organisations may have their own staff of advisers, others may not (and may not be able to). Even those organisations having their own advisers may benefit from independent impartial advice.
  • Directors and managers need a cost-effective source of help. Operant Risk Management offers timely and targeted support.
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